We are a group of filmmakers that provide full production service to projects of all sizes. From grips to sets to sound to camera to lights – we can help. But, that’s not why you are here.  You are here because you have a certain shot in your head for your next project – short film, feature, industrial short, commercial spot, wedding, graduation, etc…..   You know exactly what we mean – that cool pull-away shot of the hero on a mountain top, a student on his or her high school stadium center field, the company building in a beautiful orbit shot. Yeah.  You have that shot in your head. You wondered if you had to go out and buy a drone and learn to fly it, but then – you’d have to get good at flying it. You’d have to … not hit anything AND get the shot you want! So, a couple of thousand dollars out of pocket and a few months later, you’re still trying to get it right, while planning the rest of the production. That’s option A. Then there’s option B – you contact us and the shot is in the can on the day you pick, as early as a day or two from now.  Tough call!  The easy call is the one you make to us to get it in the can.